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Spring Flower Gif : Geraniums Flowers.

Spring Flower Gif

spring flower gif

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spring flower gif - Koncept Mini

Koncept Mini Z-Bar High Power Warm - Silver (HL3100WSIL) Combo with FREE Gifs: Microfiber Cloth and Clip-on LED Light

Koncept Mini Z-Bar High Power Warm - Silver (HL3100WSIL) Combo with FREE Gifs: Microfiber Cloth and Clip-on LED Light

The Z-Bar Mini High Power LED desk lamp is the little brother to the Z-Bar High Power. Designed for smaller desks and workspaces, it's 25% smaller than its big brother, yet has a surprisingly long 36 inch reach. Thin as your finger and so adjustable, you can position its 4 next generation High Power LEDs anywhere you want to provide pleasing light with low heat, minimal electricity, and a super long lifespan. Available in Daylight White (typical daylight ~5500K) and Warm White (similar to incandescent light ~3500K) models, as well as Silver and Black lamp models. Use the weighted stand to place it anywhere on your desk, or use the desk clamp and take up almost no desk space at all. This valuable gift combo comes with one microfiber cleanse cloth, a perfect company for your desk lamp to keep it brand new and shiny always without causing any scratches, and one clip light, creatively designed to keep your hands free. You can clip to visor, seat belt, handles, headrest, vento and anywhere. Very user friendly. Ball-and-socket joint can swing the torch in many different directions. And, the light and the clip can be separated into two parts for the convenient of daily use. Require 3 AG13 batteries(Included).

85% (12)

Bright Orange Impatiens: Week 1

Bright Orange Impatiens: Week 1

I really should've taken a before photo. Well, prior to being full of flowers, this box was all dirt and dead things. It had been that way since I moved in here last May and it was getting a bit tiresome. So off to Home Depot I went and got a bunch of flowers and herbs to make the yard look less dull.

Then I decided documenting them week by week would be of mild interest to myself. This is the only one that turned out nice (photowise I mean).

In a few weeks I'll probably make an annoying .GIF for each of the plants (Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Impatiens, and Petunias) and upload those. Anyway, yay colour!

Violet 3D Wobble

Violet 3D Wobble

Here's a 3D wobble animated GIF -- View all sizes to see animation on Flickr. They're from a pair of TX1 SuperMacro shots of my favorite lawn full of violets. They were not intended as a stereo pair, but give depth by accident and even have a bit of breeze captured.

spring flower gif

spring flower gif

GIF Animator 5.0

Animated GIFs are the best way to catch someone's eye on the Web without slowing your page down to a crawl. Ulead's GIF Animator is a great tool to create these attention-grabbing designs.
While you can make an animated GIF using almost any graphics program, the features you need are often hidden away in a full image editing package. Because GIF Animator is designed just for working with animations, the tools are easy to find and use. The interface is easy to work, as it provides a filmstrip view of all the frames in your animation. You'll also see a list of all the objects across all the frames, so you can work across multiple frames, overlaying one object on another. From the main window, you can edit the images, produce intermediate frames automatically by tweening from one image to another, optimize the color palette to make the file smaller, and preview the final animation.
A simple set of editing tools lets you paint, erase, and add text. Excellent integration with programs like PhotoImpact, Photoshop, and Paint Shop Pro means you can work with layers in an image as objects inside GIF Animator, or update your images in another package and automatically see the changes in GIF Animator. There's a set of special effects and transitions, but you can also use Photoshop plug-ins and filters. You can work with video files as well as still images, and import and export a range of formats including Flash.
This is the latest version of a classic utility that's packed with features but still easy to use. If you need images that move, make them in GIF Animator. --Mary Branscombe

Ulead GIF Animator 5 is the latest version of the popular tool for creating GIF animations for the Web. Version 5 cuts production time in half with simple drag-and-drop object-based editing, roundtrip auto-updating from external image editors, and tweening features. Banner text is even easier to make with more than 12 built-in movement effects that you can combine with special effects such as gradient and glow. Enhanced optimization and color palette management delivers the smallest file sizes. Output to video, standalone EXE, or Flash (SWF) formats makes it one of the most versatile animation tools.

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